What to Expect

Making the decision can be difficult.
Once you've decided what can you expect when you make contact?

THE INITIAL CONTACT:  I appreciate the strength it may have taken for you to make the initial contact with me.  Your time and concerns are important to me.  I return all of my calls/emails as soon as I'm able, usually within 24-48 hours.  I will ask you to briefly tell me what issues you may want to address in order to clarify your needs.  We will discuss the days and times you are available and work out a time for your first session.  You can contact me through email or by telephone.

YOUR APPOINTMENTS:  All of my sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length.  For your first appointment, I will email you forms to review, sign, and return before your appointment.  This allows you plenty of time to read them through, write down questions, and be prepared for the type of information we will be discussing.  We will determine what your goals are and how we can work towards them.  Generally, we will start with meeting weekly. 

MY APPROACH:  Each client is a unique individual.  How we work together will depend on many factors including needs, personality, and goals.  You can learn more about the approaches I use by clicking here.

ARRIVAL:  When you arrive, you will find parking on Natoma St. There will be a white sign in front with my name on it. You will come down the sidewalk and the door to the left is the waiting room.  Have a seat, be comfortable, and I'll come out to get you at our arranged time.

507 Natoma Street

The Waiting Room

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